Stanley was born before the independence of India in 1947. Maybe I was born under United Kingdom and I’m a British citizen. At the age of 12 Stanley was a leader organizing agitation against the first elected communist government in the world in Kerala. Stanley was born in a subdistrict where the father of the India Mahatma Gandhi chose his Satyagraha against untouchability. In that small district, Stanley was elected presidentOf the youth Congress for 12 years.From a small state of kerala, chosen by the father of India Mahatma Gandhi Stanley was privileged to be the president of ruling party of India for 12 years, is an amazing thing

Stanley was elected as the general secretary of the famous Saint Thomas college India. Probably Stanley was the first person ever elected outside of the town or district.

Stanley was very active and elected member of youth Congress supported the prime minister Indira Gandhi for Bangladesh freedom fight in 1971

Stanley, after graduation as the lawyer was two years in a row first rank holder for the Masters degree from the State University of Kerala

Stanley Was educated in the state of India where his classmates included people like the defense minister of India and the chief minister of Kerala.

In 1980 Stanley move to America and got involved as a real estate agent and restaurant owner and became a lawyer again took the American at LLM from Pace University In New York

Stanley was always in politics he admired the life of President Kennedy enjoying the Democratic Party and from Village he elected and selected in the national Democratic Party

Stanley was the president for the American democratic party and the Asian American democratic party and involved in the election of Mrs. Hillary Clinton for senator and Al Gore for president for United States of America and supported Mr. Cuomo for governor of New York and he was very close to becoming a friend of the elected president Donald Trump

Stanley also attempted he got election or New York city Council

In his attempt to get elected for city council member, the South Asian south Indian movie actor famous movie actor Mamooti voluntarily came to USA and helped Stanley

Stanley is highly organized and successful attorney for real estate and business transactions, domestic and international

Now he has accomplished all of his goals and he will be dreaming about bigger better goals in the future. The next goal is gold mining in Madagascar Africa