Gold Mining Project under Royal Gold Mines, Sarl, Ltd.

Area: 1250 Hectare, approximately 4,000 acres
Permit ML No. : 37276
Estimated Value gold deposited is
$ 3 Billion U.S. Dollars According To The
Geological Survey Of Madagascar

Stanley Kalathara PC

I am personally looking for Joint Venture partners for the following two Gold Mining projects in Madagascar, Africa. This proposed project is to develop about 1875 Hectares of land with gold a mining permit, which spans 48 parcels of untouched land in one of the best gold deposit areas of the region. The land is situated on the Antanimbary Commune in the Meavatanana District and the Betsiboka Region, in the Central Madagascar Gold belt.

The project is jointly promoted by a group of entrepreneurs with a long-term perspective and a global vision. The promoters of the project are Mr. Prasannanand Mr. E. Mohanan from India and Mr. Stanley Kalathara, an Indian origin attorney from the USA. They are assisted by a local promoter/ partner, Mr. Randriamananjara Robert, a leading personality in Madagascar.

Contact Stanley J. Kalathara, Esq.

Email :

Cell / WhatsApp : +1 (914) 774-9272

Skype : Kalathara69


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