Madagascar has one of the richest deposit of gold in the world and can be found throughout the country. Madagascar’s base rocks are also divided into three rock system and you can find gold in any of them. A proof that there’s a higher possibility of discovering gold in a wider range. Madagascar is located on an island in the western Indian Ocean and lies 435 km off the east coast of Southern Africa. Madagascar is the third largest island in the world and also has one of the richest deposit of gold. Gold deposits are found throughout the country and the export from it continues to increase every year. According to a data from the mining ministry, it was estimated that Madagascar produced 4 tonnes of gold every year.

Stanley Kalathara PC

Stanley Kalathara was born before the independence of India in 1947. At the age of 12, he already became the leader of an organizing agitation against the first elected communist government in the world which took place in Kerala, India.

Stanley graduated from the law school in 1972 and for two years, he held the first rank in Masters degree at the State University of Kerala. In 1980, Stanley move to America and worked as a real estate agent and restaurant owner. He then studied and graduated at Pace University in New York.

Stanley has always been active in politics prior to immigrating to the United States. He was the elected leader of a Youth Congress for 13 consecutive years in Kerala. In 1968, he served as the General Secretary of Palai St.Thomas College in Kerala making him the first ever person elected outside of the district.
He has been very active in the Democratic Party of the United States of America and contested for the New York City Council of District 25 in 2009.

He also served as the director of JB Energy (JBE), Singapore.

Recently, Stanley and two of his partners invested money in a gold mine in Madagascar, Africa. His proposed project is to develop about 1875 Hectares of land with gold mining permit, which spans 48 parcels of untouched land in one of the best gold deposit areas of the region. The land is situated on the Antanimbary Commune in the Meavatanana District and the Betsiboka Region, in the Central Madagascar Gold belt.
He is currently looking for joint venture partners for this project.

Stanley’s public relation and leadership at a glance