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The Gold mine property is situated in one of the East gold deposit areas in Madagascar. This is under VOHILAVA AMBOSSARY GOLD BELT.  Among the properties/permits, a total of 1250 Hectare under Permit ML No.37276 with 32 blocks is presently offered by the promoters for joint development under this proposed Joint Venture with the above company.  Given the location and specialties of the property, the estimated valuation of the property could be of several Billion US Dollars, once valuation is completed by internationally acclaimed valuing companies, as per opinions of the experts in the industry. The highlights of the proposed project are summarized below for an easy comprehension, as under. • Mining Area- 1250 Hectares of the area with one Permit No.ML #37276 

Considering the valuation of the property @ USD 200 Million and an equity  holding of 25% in the JV company, the investor needs to bring in an amount equivalent to USD 50 Million 

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I am personally looking for Joint Venture  partners   for the following two Gold Mining projects in Madagascar, Africa
This proposed project is to jointly develop an area of 1875 Hectares of gold permit spread on 48 blocks in one of the best gold deposit areas of the country/African region. This permit concession is situated on the AntanimbaryCommune in the Meavatanana District and the Betsiboka Region, in the Central
Madagascar Gold belt.
The project is jointly promoted by a group of entrepreneurs with a long term perspective and a global vision. The promoters of the project are Mr.Prasannanand Mr.E.Mohanan from India and Mr.Stanley Kalathara, an Indian OriginAttroney
USA. They are ably assisted by a local promoter partner Mr.RANDRIAMANANJARA Robert, a leading personalityinMadagacar 

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